Vintage St. Christopher Medal signed By Bishop Choi

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St.Christopher Medal

St.Christopher Medal


St.Christopher Medal Signed by Bishop Choi to WB

I found some interesting information the signature and medal.

The following information  is from

circawhy JFK had a comparable medal inscribed the same. Choi made many for WWII GIs.
condition This St Christopher may be related to the Surfer Christophers of the 1960s and 70s. During that time, a fad with the surfers in California involved giving their St Christophers to their girls – or getting them from their girls. They all favored a very
frontname St Christopher
frontdetails St Christopher with a border around the image that includes the Pronouncement: St Christopher Protect Us.
backname Blank
backdetails Inscribed To ML from Bishop Choi . In attempting to date this medal, I discovered that President John Kennedy owned a St Christopher that was inscribed on the back To JK from Bishop Choi .
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  • amanda says:

    i found one of these in my grandma’s house.
    is there a specific spot where these were sold?

  • admin says:

    Hi Amanda,
    They weren’t sold but Given out by Bishop Choi to Soldiers.

  • Ken Brose says:

    I found one in the 1970’s in a parking lot near Oxnard, California. To AB from Bishop Choi. How can I find the owner?

  • admin says:

    I don’t think you can. You can try placing a free ad in lost and found on craigs list.

  • Jim says:

    I found one of these medals addressed to “OH”

  • admin says:

    There are lots of them out here.
    OH = Oliver Hill or something like that.

  • William says:

    I also have one of these metals with “BG” on the back.

  • BrianP says:

    Hi, My father has always been a treasure seeker and this past weekend he sent me this medal in the mail. He said he got it over 40 years ago. I’m not sure where or how he got it but he thinks the JK in this medal is for JFK.
    If possible could someone look at these photos and provide some feedback?

  • Bob says:

    I have one of these from my Grandfather. I was tld it was given to him when he served in WWI.

  • Cheryl says:

    I also have one just like pictured, only with the initals JW- not sure where I got it- yard sale maybe? Thanks for the info- interesting!

  • Sharron says:

    I found a medal exactly like that when cleaning today. This one is to JQ from Bishop Choi. Has anyone any new information on this metal?

  • Theresa Dewey says:

    Highly unlikely that it was from WWII or even the Korean war as Bishop Choi was not appointed bishop until 1957. see website:

    Possibly given to GI’s in Vietnam as St. Christopher Medals were popular in the 1960’s – 1970’s. JFK may have had one he received but not from WWII.

  • Rose Ketcham says:

    I have one of these medals with the initals FL

  • C says:

    I found a Medal..noted on back to R K FROM BISHOP CHOI

  • Rotha Brown says:

    I have one of these medals. It belonged to my father. It has his intials NH on it. He was in New Guinea during WW2. I also have a locket that has his intials and Australia 1944 engraved on it. When you open the locket is has his wife’s name and New Guinea engraved in it.

  • John Pitarresi says:

    I have one of these, it was my father’s.
    It was given to him by Bishop Choi when he was stationed in Japan as part of the occupational Army. Dad says he was given this in thanks being able to provide “extra” food and supplies to a Catholic orphanage run by some Italian priests. Dad was a quartermaster. Dad could speak Italian and befriended them. Mine is marked to JP from Bishop Choi.

  • Wendy Summers says:

    My grandfather has one; to JB from Bishop Choi. As far as I know my grandfather was not in any war. He was extremely active in his local Catholic Church and was a member of the Knights of Columbus. Not sure if that is any connection.

  • Lorraine says:

    I too have found this medal to JH from Bishop Choi.Thank you for posting this information. Lorraine

  • Susie says:

    I had one left at by business several year ago attached to a key chain,To TK fromBishop Choi. Medford Oregon

  • Linda says:

    When I was 16 (1963) I was given one of these as a keychain from my Great Aunt who found it. It is inscribed to MR from Bishop Choi.

  • KAREN says:


  • Chris Gracey says:

    I was given a St. Christopher back in the 1980’s by my Grandmother and it also has to C.K. from Bishop Choi on the back. My grandfather who past away in 1958 was the only one in the family that went by C.K…… I had no idea how he had it and my Grandmother couldn’t remember. So glad I found this…

  • Nicky says:

    I have one that was given to me a while ago by my mother. I’m not sure where she got it. The letters are GT

  • Colleen Hurkman says:

    My sister has a medal to HI from Bishop Choi. From Chicago area.

  • C.W. says:

    I recently acquired one ” To LR From Bishop Choi”. Incidently, sodered onto the keychain is also an older “Mission of Our Lady of Mercy, Chicago, Ill. 1887-1962” Medal (now known as Mercy Home). Still doing research.

  • Cameron says:

    My grandparents both had these same medal/keychains and my grandma told me that if you sent money to some Catholic mission place you got the keychain as a gift for your donation. Probably done in late 50’s or the 60’s.

  • Cameron says:

    Seems on Ebay there is a letter from Bishop Choi and he was a Korean Bishop raising funds for orphan children and with a donation to help you got this medal with your initials engraved and blessed by Bsp. Choi.

  • Susie says:

    still waiting for TK to come in and claim his key chain from Bishop Choi. Medford or

  • Brad and Rebecca says:

    we have one to KD from Bishop Choi. We belive its his uncle Kersey who served in WW1. How can we find out the history of this?

  • Candy says:

    My grandmother has one exactly like the one shown, with FT initials (my grandfather Ferdinand Tuemmler 1898-1968). My grandfather served in the German army in the World War I.

  • Lyn says:

    My father-in-law has one of these with his initials, and he never served in any military branch – I would tend to go with the donation thing stated by Cameron above………………………..

  • we found this in my fathers belonging when he came from n.y. to live with us.

  • Chris Weber says:

    Wow – this is so interesting. The medal I have is initialed to F.W. from Bishop Choi. My Grandfather Herb said his father Fred received this medal. Herb served in both WWI and WWII and passed away in the early 1950’s. I have no idea what his father Fred would have done to receive the medal. I do know that Fred passed away sometime in the 1920’s so he would have received it before then, but it could have been post-mortem. So if Bishop Choi wasn’t even a bishop till the 1950’s, how did my great grandfather receive this medal? I think perhaps our family story is amiss. The only person who could have received this medal was my father who served in the Air Force in Korea. But it’s not his. He came home before 1950. It’s a mystery!

  • peter pierce says:

    i have one that i found about 45yrs ago it was found in brookline mass. it says on back to JK from bisop choi could it be the one given to jfk. please get back to me i contaced the jfk library they said they were not aware of the medal

  • peter pierce says:

    i have one it says to jk from bisop choi i found it in brookline about 45 yrs ago could it be the one given to j f k

  • admin says:

    It must have been very exciting to find .Although, it nice to think that it belongs to JFK, those are very common initial. If the John F Kennedy Museum ( a wonderful place by the way) doesn’t know anything about it and doesn’t want it for their archives. I have to think it was for another JK.

    Thank you for question

  • Ann says:

    Hi my name is Ann I am from Harrisburg,Pa. I found one of the metals in my back yard about 8 years and had it in my dining hutch all these years and finally decided to look it up an found this site. Are the metals worth any thing? Even though I would never give it up. Thanks ….

  • Ann says:

    On the back of my metal it says to OR from Bishop Choi. Does any one know about this type? You can e-mail with any response. Thank you, Ann

  • Bill R says:

    Hi my name is Bill
    I’m from Cason,Ca.
    I found one of these metals in a small bag lot at a local thirft store.(got a bag of 5 religious metals for $2.00)
    On the back of my metal it says to MM from Bishop Choi.

  • b says:

    i have one, too and love it quite a bit, whoever ‘AC’ was.

    if anyone ever finds a ‘BB’ medal, i would love to buy it from you.

  • john says:

    I have a medal also from bishop choi to ec

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