Vintage St. Christopher Medal signed By Bishop Choi

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St.Christopher Medal

St.Christopher Medal


St.Christopher Medal Signed by Bishop Choi to WB

I found some interesting information the signature and medal.

The following information  is from

circawhy JFK had a comparable medal inscribed the same. Choi made many for WWII GIs.
condition This St Christopher may be related to the Surfer Christophers of the 1960s and 70s. During that time, a fad with the surfers in California involved giving their St Christophers to their girls – or getting them from their girls. They all favored a very
frontname St Christopher
frontdetails St Christopher with a border around the image that includes the Pronouncement: St Christopher Protect Us.
backname Blank
backdetails Inscribed To ML from Bishop Choi . In attempting to date this medal, I discovered that President John Kennedy owned a St Christopher that was inscribed on the back To JK from Bishop Choi .
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  • Tim M says:

    I have one I obtained from my father who passed away in November 2010. My father graduated from a Catholic Seminary but he became an officer in the AirForce. He was too young for World War II but his older brother, with same initials, was not. Also, his father was in World War I,with same initials. The initials definitely relate to the holder of the medal. My father was involved in Korea as well as the Cuban crisis ( JFK era). It appears Choi was ordained in 1938 . He served in the Korea region so I would believe based upon the prior posts that these medals relate to the Korean era and may have been carried through to the Cuban Crisis era if JFK received one himself as opposed to one of his brothers. Refer to this link for further information.

    Bishop Choi resigned in 1973 but I believe these medals, most likely, relate to the Korean War era when America had a focus on the region in which Bishop Choi served. As far as value, I value the one I have more than the $9.99 that four are currently selling for each on ebay.

  • Barbara Ross says:

    I have a St. Christopher medal just like the one displayed here inscribed
    To L.R.
    from Bishop Choi
    It belonged to my husband’s family. I have carried it for approximately 44 years.
    I would like to hear anything you can tell me about the history.

  • liz says:

    Before putting my parents’ house for sale, I found one hanging on the wall of the garage. Initials are LM. Wondering if this belongs to my dad’s ole army buddy?

  • admin says:

    Could be ? can you reach out to the family

  • admin says:

    GI is someone’s initials or perhaps it just stand’s for GI as GI JOe

  • Terry says:

    I just found my grandfathers St. Christopher to HF from Bishop Choi.Does anyone know what they are made out of? Silver or bronze?

  • Judi Burbeck says:

    I also have one of these. The initials are T.K. Do you have any more information on these. This one came from a flea market where I bought a box of old jewelry in 1990.

  • bob g says:

    I was stationed on Okinawa from April 1955 to Sept. of 1957. Mine was signed toR.G.

  • Millie Snidle says:

    I have one with GK. And I was given a life size statue of a Bishop. He stand 62″ and 16″ w. He has a stake in his back it look like it could have hung on the wall of a chuch The person that gave him to me said he though it came from an old church in Mexico that was taken down. It looks like it has been hand carved it’s really beautiful.

  • Justjoan says:

    I have one of these medals given to my grandfather, my Fr John Palm a Jesuit Missionary in Taiwan. I wear it everyday. Thanks for the information about the history of the Medal.

  • Theresa says:

    I have one with my Dad’s initials. He was in Korea 1952 – 1954 more or less. He was a medic with a Marine Division, but I am not sure which one. I know he was in Japan & Korea, starting in San Diego.

  • John D. says:

    These medals were not “signed” by Bishop Choi,,,,They were stamped , never in silver, with Bishop Choi’s name and given out to serviceman in various combat zones during WWII, Korea and Vietnam. The clergy also at these zones would give them out and stamp the initials on them of the men they were given to. I would strongly believe they were blessed by Choi. I poresently have purchased over fifty of these medals and through various military sites sent back over 15 of them to there original owners at NO COST…The highest price I’ve paid was $10.99, but I’ve found a number of them for $1.00 to $5.00. I have mine from An Loc, RVN. Some Ebay sellers are looking for much too much for the medal, but that’s their choice….They mean much more to the original owners….Semper Fi….JD

  • Karen says:

    I have one as well identical from the above inscribed JD . .. i had gotten it in a antique shop in a small box . .. no idea there was this many around . Very unique .

  • Norman Price says:

    I bought one of these with the initials L.R. on the back at a second hand store here in Waterloo,Il. for $0.50. Don,t know why I’m not catholic it just spoke to me.

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