Spanish Guardian Angel Car Visor Clip

Oct 26 2013

Nunca conduzcas mas rapido que tu Angel de la Guarda pueda volar
Guardian Angel Visor Clip
Never drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly!


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Beginner Chi Running clinic in Teaneck.

May 29 2012

Is 51 too old to learn to run properly ?
Well , the people at Chi running believe I can learn to run without pain or Injury.

With Chi Running you can put your fears to rest and run with confidence. Humans are built to run, as several Harvard studies have shown.

Chi Running teaches you to run safely and efficiently. Using the Chi Running principle of Gradual Progress you can minimize the possibility of injury

and enjoy running for the rest of your life.

Start running with all the support you need with our 5K run or run/walk program and DVD. The Chi Running book is a good, light read that takes the mystery

out of how to run with ease and grace. Certified Chi Running Instructors offer workshops to help you start running in the best possible way.


Chi Running Clinic 

Run pain and injury free and really enjoy it!


Sunday: June 10th and June 24th at 11am

Where: The Teaneck Charter School Parking Lot


Thursday: June 7th and June 21st at 11am

Where: The Richard Rodda Center in Teaneck NJ

This is a two session clinic.  Each session will last approximately 2 hours unless we have 6 – 10 participants than we will need 3 hours for the first session and 2 hours for the second.

Find out more about Chi Running

And the instructor who will be leading us: David Stretanski


The cost: $140 – $190  this will depend on the amount of participants.  I am limiting this to 10

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One vote is One click away ,

Apr 22 2012

Can you please help.
TCCS (my daughter’s school) is in a contest and all we need is a vote.
No emails, no phone calls
Please go this link and click on the green circle with check.
We thank you so much.

You can read about the contest here

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Since i began FBA at Amazon, I been thinking of buying one of these New fangled Scanners

Apr 01 2012

Scanfob® 2002 Mobile Grid Android w/ iScanList Biz



I have my android smart phone, and I use a scanning service.

But I get impatient waiting for the scans, to show up.


Of course, the price is my major drawback.

Should I invest the money in Inventory or the Scanfob.

Time is Money:)

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I joined a February Listing Challenge !!

Feb 11 2012

I am so excited about  being involved in a listing Challenge again.

ATG's Resellers Listing Challenge

Every week in Febuary, I will add new items to my Etsy store and my Ebay  Id.

I would like to thank Apron thrift Girl for organizing and running the challenge.

You may recall , that I use to be involved  with  Auction Rebel   Garage sale challenge’s which were alot of fun.

Gary- Thank you for all the Inspiration to get my tush in Gear. I believe that you are a special angel that led me to find this Challenge.

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Where have I been??

Feb 11 2012

Yikes, I haven’t posted to my blog since July.
I have written some amazing posts about life with teens, and selling online, but of course they are all in my head.
Stay tuned to hear about about a listing challenge that I am involved in.
Please st

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UWIB Blog Hop -Summer Fun

Jul 23 2011

Summer Fun

Days at the swim club or beach with no pressure to be anywhere.

The only deadline is the hunger pains that remind you that it is dinner time.

Summer fun is all about letting loose and allowing your self to relax.

The Sounds of the ocean lulling you into a peaceful place.


Shell neckace



This post is part of the UWIB Blog hop for July.

Subject is Summer Fun

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Red, White and Blue UWiB Blog Hop

Jun 26 2011




The Wonderful Woman in the group , UWIB team of Esty are doing June Blog hop celebrating Red,White and Blue.


I visited their stores and found some Amazing  Red,White and Blue items.

Home of the Brave Quilt Pattern

Multicolored Glass earrings

Gadget case

Ruby Throated Humming Bird and Pearls Necklace

Floral Spring Dance Earrings

My favorite Fish earrings

Copper Indian Glass Necklace

Rainbow Window star



Watermelon Napkins


Ruby and Pink Princess Crown Earrings

Rita Wetzel
Judy Woodley
Linda Stranger
Trudy Miller
Wendy Kelly
Ann Rinkenberger
Miriam Nelken
Robin Koehler
Cory Trusty
Janet Bocciardi

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Never mind the dust, we are moving

Jun 23 2011 is in the process of moving, so the website may be down.
But,we can be found all the web.
Please visit me at

Follow me on:

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Pearls Pearls Pearls (Sung to the tune of Girls Girls Girls) a Vintage Treasury on Etsy

Jun 09 2011

‘Pearls Pearls Pearls (Sung to the tune of Girls Girls Girls)’ by transienttreasures

Title says it all…except we’re talking VINTAGE pearly goods…courtesy of the EtsyVintageTeam!

Vintage Jewelry by Lisner Mo…

Vintage Brass and Pearl Flow…

Elegant Pearl and Rhinestone…

Pearl On A Leaf – Vintage Si…

Vintage 1950s Pearl Rhinesto…

Vintage Double Heart Faux Pe…

Vintage plastic pearl art de…

Vintage Goldtone Link Bracel…

Extremely long faux pearl Ne…

Vintage Mother of Pearl Broo…

Vintage LONG Faux Pearl and …

Double Grape Cluster Brooch

Vintage Multi Chain Necklace…


Peach Cream White Faux Pearl…

Stunning Vintage Beaded Pear…

Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

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